Largs has its own chain of restaurants, pubs and seaside hotel establishments;


I wanted a little something different!  


Something personal…


A relaxed, intimate, private dining environment where you are not just a number:


where the food is cooked to order, with one waitress in the front and one chef in the kitchen, and no rushing!


To have a unique wine list to accompany the dishes.


I am the only venue in town offering a group of 15 people or more who are ordering from our 3 course set menu private dining: we won’t let anyone else in!


The fire behind The Chefs Eye is the passion in the eyes and in the cooking.


The attention to detail and good, honest cooking!


Food was always a hobby for me before I became a chef.


As a child I always used to wander into my Aunt’s home kitchen in Loughborough, where you couldn’t leave without eating!


Always a delightful variety of spices and herbs in that kitchen and garden


Just good, fresh, quality cooked food! And that’s what we try to achieve here.


Faisal, Owner and Chef